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China Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

What is copyright?

Copyright is found commonly in articles in our daily lives. It is important to be informed of the key elements involved and help in the protection of this right.

In general, copyright is the right given to the owner of an original work. This right can subsist in literary works such as books and computer software, musical works such as musical compositions, dramatic works such as plays, artistic works such as drawings, paintings and sculptures, sound recordings, films, broadcasts, cable programmes and the typographical arrangement of published editions of literary, dramatic or musical works, as well as performers' performances. Copyright works made available on the Internet environment are also protected.

In fact, the subsistence of copyright does not require the work to have an aesthetic value nor to be clever nor very creative. It exists even in an item as simple as a photograph taken by an ordinary person in daily life.

Type of Copyright

Type of Copyright Art works, Graphic works, Company logos, Photographic works, Video tutorials, Film works, Writing works, Music works, Dancing works.
Art works: up to 6 series;
Writing works: unlimited words;
Music works: You can register Songs and Lyrics, only Lyrics should be registered as Writing works;
Video works: One video 200M, up to 6 series;

Why is copyright protection important?

Copyright protects creativity. The efforts of writers, artists, designers, software programmers and other talents need to and should be protected so as to create an environment where creativity can flourish and hard work can be rewarded. In return, the public benefits from the creations.

How long does copyright last for?

The general rule is that copyright lasts until 50 years after the creator of the work dies. However, there are minor variations to this depending on the type of work.

Documents required for copyright registration:

1. Applicant's name and address: if it is an individual application, it needs to provide an ID card or passport; if it is a company application, it needs to provide a company registration certificate
2. Type of Product to be registered
3. Registration Instructions

Registration Timing:

About 4-6 months.

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