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with regard to中文,with regard to的意思,with regard to翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典

with regard to

英[wɪð rɪˈɡɑːd tu]美[wɪð rɪˈɡɑːrd tu]

adv. 關於;至於

英語釋義 English Interpretation

    1. a protective interest care
    has no regard for her health

    2. attention, consideration
    due regard should be given to all facets of the question

    3. a feeling of respect and affection esteem
    she soon won the regard of her colleagues

    4. friendly greetings implying such feeling
    give him my regards

    5. the worth or estimation in which something or someone is held
    a man of small regard

    6. an aspect to be taken into consideration respect
    is a small school, and is fortunate in this regard

    7. look, gaze

    8. a basis of action or opinion motive

    9. appearance

    10. intention

    11. with respect to concerning

    12. in regard to

    13. to consider and appraise usually from a particular point of view
    is highly regarded as a mechanic

    14. to pay attention to take into consideration or account

    15. to look at

    16. to show respect or consideration for

    17. to hold in high esteem

    18. to relate to

    19. to look attentively gaze

    20. to pay attention heed

    21. care or concern for someone or something

    22. a feeling of respect and admiration for someone or something

    23. friendly greetings

    24. to think of (someone or something) in a particular way

    25. to look at (someone or something)

    26. consideration sense 2
    She shows no regard for others.

    27. a feeling of respect
    She was held in high regard.

    28. friendly greetings
    Give them my regards.

    29. a point to be considered
    Be careful in this regard.

    30. look entry 2 sense 1
    a tender regard

    31. in relation to

    32. to think of in a particular way consider
    He regarded them as friends.

    33. to look at
    Judge Ford regarded the desperate doorman without pity.
    — Ellen Raskin, The Westing Game

    34. to give consideration to

片語 Phrase

with h regard to關於

as far asad 至於,直到,遠到;就…而言

With regard to particulars細節地

With regard to product關於產品

With regard to this對於這個

With Regard To Parents對於父母親

With regard to television關於電視

With Regard To Myself對於我自己

With Regard To Customers而言對於客戶

With regard to my關於我

相似詞 Similar Words

for(表示對象、用途等)給,對;為了; 關於;代表;受雇於;意思是;支持;因為;為得到;換取;就……而言;……后(更好、更快樂等);(表示去向)往;(安排或預定)在……時;對(某人)來說(困難、必需、愉快等);以……為價格;(表示一段時間)計;表示一系列事件之一

相反詞 Opposite Words


英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • women are subject to special protection with regard to divorce.


  • i do have certain cautious optimism with regard to mutual agreements.


  • one of the only regulatory activities with regard to indoor air quality comes from the rules of the occupational safety and health administration (osha).


  • every region has its success stories and its problem children with regard to the plant varieties installed in a project.


  • there are obvious differences between clones with regard to their self - fertility.


  • the transformer isolates the transistors with regard to d - c bias voltage .

    變壓器可在兩個晶體管之間隔離直流 偏壓.

  • here she examines bacon’s personification of the figure of nature, specifically with regard to gender roles.


  • so there「s a kind of wedge shape with regard to the instruments too.


  • the choices you」ve already made with regard to databases, then, have a big impact on which cloud computing platform you choose.


  • knowing exactly where your organization stands with regard to agility can help you save precious time and effort during your next project.


  • try to view situations more objectively, especially with regard to work.


  • in making me the offer, you must have satisfied the delicacy of your feelings with regard to my family, and may take possession of longbourn estate whenever it falls, without any self-reproach.


  • then you can try to eliminate any major design flaws or problems, especially with regard to infrastructure and network availability, and also, later, to identify any logic flaws in the behavior.


  • i mentioned standard deviation a few times above with regard to garbage collection, and this is something that is often overlooked when evaluating performance results.


  • if you have made a decision concerning / about / with regard to the sales manager position, ......


  • moreover, further reforms are needed to ensure economic growth remains sustainable socially and with regard to energy and the environment.


  • he「s crossed the rubicon with regard to the use of military force as an option.


  • the russian president talks a good game with regard to privatizing state-owned companies and fighting corruption, but precious little has been achieved in reality.


  • with regard to the well itself, things are in flux.


  • it is also interesting to note that this technique gives you flexibility and portability with regard to naming services.


  • databases have many of the same problems as spreadsheets with regard to storing system configuration management information, but usually there is only one database containing the information.


  • with regard to the persuasion achieved by proof or apparent proof: just as in dialectic there is induction on the one hand and syllogism or apparent syllogism on the other, so it is in rhetoric.


  • the way each feature works, say with regard to indexing, is not changed with the introduction of new partitioning features.


  • with regard to speaking, i’ve even had people say to me that i will do well with the bureaus just because i’m missing that certain y chromosome.


  • i could start my story from when i was little and talk about my family」s influence on me with regard to eating and smoking, but i fear it isn「t really unique.


  • i think, with regard to maria, her situation is a very delicate one.

    我想, 就瑪麗亞而言, 她的情況也非常令人操心.

  • one outstanding characteristic of these firms is their extreme ambition with regard to global market leadership.


  • a: with regard to your first question, as far as i know, the tibet mountaineering association has made clarification on it. please consult the tibet mountaineering association for further information.


  • and when these envoys heard his doctrines, especially with regard to faith in christ removing the need for christians to follow jewish dietary laws, all hell broke loose.


  • his attitude with regard to her, though it was contemplative and critical, was not judicial.


  • and with regard to the treatment of this victim, we believe we have done nothing but to support her and everything in our power to maintain her privacy and to keep her safe.


  • an elastic analysis of a structure is important with regard to serviceability.


  • some say that once the costs of power generation are factored into the equations, electric cars are only half as efficient with regard to energy use as modern diesel vehicles.


  • with regard to hardness, the diamond is in a class by itself.

    講硬度, 金剛鉆是獨一無二的.

  • her impression with regard to isabel」s writing was quite illusory.


  • identify valuable content -- locate and evaluate the value of particular information content with regard to long-term storage.


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