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harmonic中文,harmonic的意思,harmonic翻譯及用法 - 英漢詞典



n. [物] 諧波;和聲

adj. 和聲的;諧和的;音樂般的

英語釋義 English Interpretation

  • relating to vibrations that occur as a result of vibrations in a nearby body;

    "sympathetic vibration"

  • of or relating to harmony as distinct from melody and rhythm;

    "subtleties of harmonic change and tonality"- Ralph Hill

  • a tone that is a component of a complex sound
  • involving or characterized by harmony
  • of or relating to the branch of acoustics that studies the composition of musical sounds;

    "the sound of the resonating cavity cannot be the only determinant of the harmonic response"

片語 Phrase

harmonic distortion[電子] 諧波失真

second harmonic generation倍頻效應;[電子] 二次諧波發生

harmonic oscillator[量子] 諧振子;[電子] 諧波振蕩器;[電子] 諧波發生器

harmonic filter[電子] 諧波濾波器

harmonic motion[力] 諧運動;簡諧運動;[力] 諧波運動

harmonic wave[物] 諧波

harmonic driving諧波傳動

harmonic gear諧波齒輪

harmonic number[數] 調和數

harmonic current[電] 諧波電流;正弦電流

harmonic drive諧波驅動;[電子] 諧波激勵

harmonic response[電子] 諧波響應,頻率響應

harmonic progression[數] 調和級數

harmonic analysis[電子][物] 諧波分析,調和分析

harmonic excitation[電子] 諧波激勵

total harmonic distortion[電子] 總諧波失真

Harmonic ConvergenceThe Harmonic Convergence is the name given to the world's first globally synchronized meditation, which occurred on August 16–17, 1987, which also closely coincided with an exceptional alignment of planets in our solar system (see #Astrological alignment below).

harmonic frequency[物][電子] 諧頻;諧振頻率

harmonic curve諧曲線

harmonic balance諧波平衡

harmonic generator[電子] 諧波產生器

harmonic content諧波量

Harmonic overtone泛音

harmonic function[數] 調和函數

first harmonic基波

harmonic component[物] 諧波分量;調和成分;低分量

second harmonic[物] 二次諧波

英漢例句 English & Chinese Examples

  • the chords the students liked best have frequencies with that harmonic relationship, too - all the frequencies are integer multiples of a common fundamental frequency.


  • good norwegian architects excel at building harmonic structures in difficult terrain and the end result is often poetic.

    優秀的挪威建筑師擅長在不同的地形上建造與之和諧的建筑 –最終的結果往往富有詩意。

  • we know the initial conditions, and we know it「s a simple harmonic oscillation, and we want to know what the maximum displacement is going to be.


  • the harmonic oscillator is an exceptionally important example of periodic motion.


  • the harmonic language is like a gloss on bernstein, or tepid copland (in his 「tender land」 mode).


  • it」s clear that you「re going to see a simple harmonic oscillation.


  • in the case of the spring, was proportional to x squared and out came a perfect simple harmonic oscillation, no approximation necessary.


  • now, as long as i am in the linear portion of the curve, i can generate a simple harmonic motion.


  • i had been looking for ways to combine harmonic and rhythmic structures.


  • it is clearly a simple harmonic oscillation in theta because this is a constant.


  • we」ve done this before-- this is the conservation of energy, and in order to find the period of the simple harmonic oscillation, we take the time derivative.


  • loud noises do not contribute to the harmonic flow that you are trying to create.


  • today we「re going to talk about springs, about pendulums and about - simple harmonic oscillators-- one of the key topics in 801.


  • a second consideration is that a useful synth vco is expected to output several different waveforms, so that the synth player has harmonic starting points for creating a given sound.


  • accordingly the harmonic ratios of minerals and crystalline particulate that are in both your physical and etheric bodies are maintained in coherent uniformity with those of the earth.


  • all i wanted was to harvest a harmonic relationship with her.


  • and i couldn」t be happier, because this tells me that the motion is that of a simple harmonic oscillation.


  • it is also called a harmonic equation.


  • dr. ballam goes on to say that, 「the human mind shuts down after three or four repetitions of a rhythm, or a melody, or a harmonic progression.」


  • there is an infinite number of harmonic - frequency components.


  • for a harmonic oscillator the energy levels are evenly spaced.


  • research suggests that piano designers used music wire to reach similar harmonic levels despite working with different metals.


  • the angles will never be very large, as you will see later when we calculate theta maximum, and so we know that we「re going to get a simple harmonic oscillation to a very good approximation.


  • in the boundless huge crowd to find her, clear is a thousand years ago in a period of fate, and wish you both happiness, total harmonic coyly.


  • the system executes simple harmonic motion.


  • we can work out positions of a harmonic oscillator by numerical methods.


  • it stemmed instead from argüelles’s personal philosophy, which emphasizes 「the principle of harmonic resonance.」


  • even a simple note on my guitar has an array of harmonic frequencies. but the frequencies have a special harmonic relationship, which is why you hear it as a single sound with a single pitch.


  • and so i find that y double dot plus 2g and that was my goal, because this is clearly a simple harmonic oscillation, because this is a constant.


  • so he」s up to something here with this rate of harmonic change.


  • i had been looking for ways to combine harmonic and rhythmic struc-tures.


  • they「d started usin」 harmonic drills in their mines. the stone was unhappy.


  • this is a simple harmonic oscillation.


  • musically trained students found harmonic frequencies more pleasing - they're huge in western music.


  • the effect is termed harmonic distortion.


  • argüelles also concluded that the planets are 「orbiting harmonic gyroscopes」 that 「play a role in the coordination of the beam," which advances the development of anything with dna.


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